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Lots of confusion on the plane for storage. Pros: Ronald our flight attendant made our first flight experience to Europe great. He was amazing. Pros: Crew was nice. Enjoyed watching one stewardess train another. Very smooth landing in Redding. Cons: A 20 minute flight was delayed for 2. United did a terrible job with notifying passengers, just simply bumped out departure in 15 min increments. Original excuse was inbound delay, although plane was there for 6 hrs already.

Passenger soiled himself in cabin and there was no ventilation. Pros: Very good customer service on flight. Love the way they treat their customers. I know i bought this through kayak, but it would have been nice to have told that up front, and even further, if they had let me check 1 bag for free like everyone else. Pros: The flight was on time, perfectly organized, excellent flight attendants and efficient service. Cons: The entertainment touch screen was not responsive to the touch, neither for me nor for the other members of my family.

The power socket in my seat was not working, but I could use that in my wife's seat. Pros: I was seated in Row 18 comfort economy? The cabin was clean and pleasant. The crew was friendly, efficient, and professional. Cons: My family was seated in the economy section and their seats were extremely uncomfortable. I had the pasta dish for dinner and it was mushy to the point of being inedible. Pros: It was vegetarian.

Very tasty, although the lentils were a little dry. Cons: The salad had a bit of grit in it! Otherwise fine. Pros: The crew was very professional and pleasant. Boarding was efficient. The ablility to charge phone, ipad through usb. Cons: The seats were cramped. My seat was changed from what I selected and I seated in a middle seat between two very large men and was unable to move during the flight.

It was very warm. No food service in the am! Cons: Nothing to snack on without paying. Airlines back at home at least give you crackers or nuts for free to hold you over- also, I find it a bit unfair how the drinks are distributed. I asked for an apple juice and received one cup while the lady next to me asked for a Diet Pepsi and received a whole can. A little unfairness there- but aside from that everything else was great.

Not very comfortable and I paid for a seat upgrade. Cons: The flight was a bit delayed, but the airline handled it incredibly well. I was put up in a great hotel with good free food and caught another flight the next morning. Cons: Working wifi would be good. More comfortable seats. Pros: Crew was great, especially Terrace to Vancouver part, very rough landing in Edmonton, which I know is not the airlines fault. Cons: More leg room, when the people in front laid back their seat, it was crowded. Cons: Stewardess never smiled once! She was approx age 45 and should know by now how to be professional.

Not the start to a vacation anyone would want. Cons: Plane had to divert from Salt-Lake City due to a storm. My son 17 years old traveling alone once in Salt-Lake City should have been given priority for an overnight stay instead of sleeping on an airport bench! Cons: The food could be better, but I understand ultimately what it is: mass produced. The pretzel bread is good. The chocolate chip cookie is great. The ice cream is great. The lemon and something cheesecake dessert was too lemony for me, but my mother would have loved it. Cons: USB port inop. Audio in movie mode was lousy, video screen was cloudy and poor def.

Food not good. Pros: Both flights on icelandair excluded basic things that are usually standard on other airlines I've flown with: for instance there were no free headphones or snacks or food at all, only things available for purchase. I did not have a good flight experience.

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Cons: The trans-Atlantic flight did not include any food, not even a tiny bag of pretzels. Pros: Entertainment and food were geat and a great distraction from the seating arrangement and the horrible leg area. Cons: Not having a chair leg in the middle of the leg area.

If we bought two tickets at the same time we should have been able to sit together. Lastly the huge delay that caused us to miss are final flight. Pros: Got an amazing pastry as a snack with tea, it was huge and really tasty! Pros: Movie selection was excellent. Bombardier jet was a notch above what I expected.

Cons: We were over an hour delayed on the first flight. The seats were super uncomfortable for the overnight flight. They left open seats in the upgrade section on the second flight - why would you ever do that?!? Pros: Crew was very good. Seats were uncomfortable. Too close together and hard. It worked well on the previous flight.

Cons: It would be great if airlines would identify where infants are sitting when it comes to upgrading seats. Cons: Boarding was chaotic, took way too long, and no one knew what they were doing. Pros: I love that the crew hands out water bottles as passengers board the plane. I also appreciated that during the drink service, one of the flight attendants not only gave me a drink but offered to refill my water bottle as well.

I hate having to ask for water especially because it usually comes in those tiny cups , and I also hate having to be dehydrated during my flight. We compile tonnes of data for you Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once. Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals can change frequently.

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KAYAK all none. Flight 1. Flight 2. Flight 3. Flight 4.

How Much it REALLY Costs to Travel to ICELAND - How to Plan a Trip to Iceland!

Flight 5. Flight 6. Latest Iceland Flight Deals. Search Flights. Top Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Iceland Book at least 4 weeks before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be February, March and April.

Northern Lights

The cheapest month to fly to Iceland is September. Enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search form above to unlock the latest Iceland flight deals. What is the cheapest flight to Iceland? Which airlines fly to Iceland? What are the most popular destinations in Iceland? Book cheap flights to Iceland Round-trip. Air Canada. Mon, Sep Trip: 5 days.

Overall 7. Cons: Took 45 minutes to get through Calgary security, long line ups. Pros: Air Canada is consistently a great overall experience. Pros: Super comfortable business class seats. Pros: NA Cons: The flight did not wait for me due to the 1st flight delay. Read all traveler reviews for Air Canada. Sat, Dec 7. Trip: 6 days. Pros: Personal tvs Cons: Nothing really. Pros: Very cheap flight Cons: No in-flight food, just water. Pros: The seating is certainly bigger than economy domestic flights. Cons: No snacks given. Pros: Friendly staff and great seat recline.

Cons: No food. Pros: crew was pleasant Cons: lack of free snacks other than soda. Read all traveler reviews for Icelandair. Tue, Jul Trip: 8 days. Overall 8. Pros: Having a seat on the plane after it being delayed over 5 hours, Cons: Leaving on time. Pros: Crew was excellent Cons: Uncomfortable tight seating in economy. Read all traveler reviews for Lufthansa. United Airlines. Tue, Aug Trip: 11 days. Overall 9. Pros: Upgrade to economy plus Cons: Norhing. Cons: Again, left stranded in SC. Pros: Crew was very pleasant.

Cons: Flight was extremely late arriving. Read all traveler reviews for United Airlines. Sat, Oct Trip: 7 days. Cons: There was no wifi on flight. Pros: the drinks Cons: seat reservation. Pros: Service is awesome. Food is great. Pros: The crew is really welcoming Cons: The seats are too narrow and a bit too hard. Read all traveler reviews for KLM. Mon, Jul Pros: Friendly crew. Landed early. Pros: Nothing. Pros: All the attention bestowed upon me. Cons: Faster lines at check-in. More courteous security personnel. Read all traveler reviews for Delta. Trip: 12 days. Seats were comfortable and the entertainment system worked Cons: Flying out of long beach or santa Ana because lax is a zoo.

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Cons: Good flight. Tue, Nov Trip: 9 days. Pros: Water bottle Cons: Delay that made me miss my connecting flight, which was then rescheduled a full 24 hours later. Pros: Nothing Cons: The airline was late and every passenger missed their connecting flights. Pros: Staff very friendly, easy flight. Pros: Video players were good Cons: Smallest seat I've ever seen, no leg room, no food, the ticket person weighed carry Oma and made me check a small bag because it weighed 22 lbs. Pros: Flight was fine, crew was fine. Thu, Aug Pros: Great Crew Cons: Slight departure delay - no big deal.

Pros: Fast boarding, on time, food was pretty good Cons: Toothpaste on board. Tue, Sep 3. Cons: Flight was canceled and I was left stranded. Pros: Comfort and space. Cons: I would not change anything. Sun, Jul Pros: The flight was on time, perfectly organized, excellent flight attendants and efficient service Cons: There were no negatives and rarely are with Lufthansa.

Pros: The crew was very responsive. The dinner food was good. Sun, Oct 6. Pros: Great crew service, entertainment and overall awesome hospitality Cons: Nothing to snack on without paying. Sat, Aug Pros: Crew helpful. Food good. Cons: Better range of movies please. Pros: Crew was ok. Pros: Food and service Cons: Working wifi would be good. Thu, Oct 3. Pros: yes Cons: meal. Pros: Not much Cons: Stewardess never smiled once! Cons: I didn't like the food at all, and couldn't complete it.

Sun, Aug Cons: More leg room. Pros: The crew was so nice and funny! Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything. Pros: Amazing crew and seating. Worth the upgrade to premium. Sun, Sep Pros: Crew Cons: No free snacks or food. Pros: The free onboard entertainment was a welcome surpsise. Wed, Nov Pros: Everything is fine. Cons: No. Cons: Boarding be insured as I have a ticket. Cons: Not much to say.

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Trip: 10 days. Pros: Air Canada business class is superior comfort. Pros: yes Cons: eat. Pros: they gave me the special food. Cons: More drinks, snacks. Mon, Jun Pros: Good crew, great landing, short flight Cons: The seats are crampy. Prices May Rise It's currently high season in Iceland. Book today to reserve your seats and lock-in your prices. Highlights Visit Dettifoss Waterfall.. Marvel at the Great Geysir.. Complete Iceland. Highlights Explore Iceland's glaciers and waterfalls.. Keep your eyes peeled for dazzling displays of the Northern Lights.. Soak your muscles in natural hot springs..

Most people that visit Iceland go in the summer, but there's a whole other Iceland Winter. Highlights Read More. Land Of The Northern Lights. Circuit Of Iceland. Marvel at the unspoilt landscapes of Iceland on this eight day loop around the country Highlights Explore the ever-changing geographical wonderland of Iceland..

Cross fields of flowers and rivers while taking in views of the surrounding glaciers.. Iceland is one of those rare places on Earth that feels more science-fiction than fact Highlights Climb aboard a boat and glide through a unique glacial lagoon, getting up close and personal with incredibly coloured icebergs. Be amazed by Next Departures Aug 10 Only 8 seats left. Highlights Witness the breadth of Iceland's incredible natural phenomena — bubbling volcanic solfataras, rootless craters, glacial lakes and geothermal lagoons. Stunning no matter when you see it, Gullfoss is more than simply Iceland's largest waterfall.

On your journey from Skaftafell, you'll drive through fields of lava created by Laki's famous volcanic eruption of Highlights Of Iceland. Iceland On A Budget.

Our five day adventure allows you to journey to the centre of the Earth without Northern Lights. In eight days maximise your chances of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights as well as Reynisfara Black Beach. Southern Iceland Tour. This tour takes you to several diverse natural treasures along the enchanting south coast of Next Departures Tomorrow Jun No Booking Fees. No results for your search criteria Try clearing your filters to get more results. Create your custom-made trip to Iceland Travelling to Iceland? Anne Steinbrenner.